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Muffle Furnace
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Autotune feature helps eliminate temperature overshoot.
Energy efficient insulation keeps exterior safe to touch.
These furnaces are available in three sizes and three controller options to meet your application requirements. All models have autotune feature which allows the furnace to perform better at a particular set point and load, eliminating temperature overshoot for a commonly used application. An optional RS-485 communications port is available to let you use these furnaces with your computer. RS-485 option is factory installed—you must order the RS-485 option at the same time you order your furnace.

The fully embedded heating elements maintain temperature uniformity. A door switch cuts power to the heating elements when the door is opened minimizing your exposure to hot temperatures and extending the life of the heating elements. Unique ceramic fiber insulation and double walled construction minimize exterior surface temperatures. The removable hearth plate prevents damage to furnace from spills.

Single Set Point Control Furnaces have two LED displays to simultaneously display actual and set point temperatures.

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